Now Abuse Some Animals

Well there it is. One day you're busy stare-ing out of your cage at the guys in the white coats picking on your mates. Business as usual. But then it's your turn. A few days of being examined and then you're back to normal, looking out of the window of your new cage at the stars - with no food. How great to see the wonders of the solar system without warning - and on an empty stomach.

From the 60's onwards the Russians and the Americans regularly used animals like rats, dogs and chimpanzees in their experiments with rockets. The vast majority of these animal astronauts never returned to earth and ended their lives strapped into a harness, slowly starving to death in ever decreasing orbits. About as far removed from "autonomous" as you can get, surely?

It comes as no surprise that government space agencies treat animals as just another commodity to be used to further their agenda of control. It is these same agencies that offer humanity the two choices of imprisonment or living in their confined vision of society - a prison of consumption and production. However some of us are looking through the bars and planning our escape - not from one prison to another, but to a completely new society in outer space.

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