Dreamtime Is Upon Us!

The Declaration of April 23rd 1997

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) move into a new phase which they call the Dreamtime.

The Dreamtime
is a transversalist concept which defines the AAA's total opposition to all other exisiting space programmes.

The Dreamtime is concerned with the possibilities that open up when we form autonomous communities in outer space.

The Dreamtime is a collective process and begins the moment anyone opens their mind to the possibilities of independent space exploration.

AAA groups across the globe are experimenting with new forms of psycho-social interaction and creating prototypes for a community-based zero-gravity architecture.

The Dreamtime must be considered as a powerful anti-depressant that can prevent us from falling into millennium sickness.

The Dreamtime allows autonomous astronauts to wander through space, to experiment with new possibilities in space and time, to experience a new sexuality at zero gravity and to arrive at new concepts of space exploration.

The Dreamtime will be a decisive moment in evolution as the AAA seeks to propel humanity into outer space.

In order to assist this process, the AAA has organised an Intergalactic Conference. This will take place in Vienna, Earth at the end of June 1997. For more information please contact the AAA immediately.