by Riccardo Balli (AAA Bologna)

"333" is a transversalist concept that moves in several directions at once. In this text we're going to explore some of the main directions in which the "333" moves.

direction S
333 as the number of days in which AAA Bologna plans to extend the AAA Five Year Plan after its end on April the 23rd year 2000. The reason for such an extension has to be found in what we feel as a fundamental need: the launch on April the 23rd year 2000 of what we call a process of self-historification that will radically deny any possible historisation coming from "outside" of our activities as autonomous astronauts. During this 333 days extension, every AAA group will be invited to come up with its own self-historification project and, in doing so, a radical resistance towards the working unities of historisation will be expressed. Self-historification in fact has been proved to be the most effective anti-historisation technique.

direction E
333 as the title of the science-fiction novel AAA Bologna is writing together with Mr. Gerard Z* (1) that intends to be, between other things, a sort of personal historification of the AAA from the future. A direct consequence of direction S.

direction L
333 as the number of launchpads for independent space exploration the Association of Autonomous Astronauts have been locating on Planet Earth. From the Inner City AAA's in Grub Street (now called Milton Street) to Oceania AAA's on One Tree Hill. Plus to mention AAA Trento's one at the anti-gravitational site of Montagnaga on the Alps where bizzare phenomena of resistance to gravity as a social law constantly happen. And the AAA Lucca's one in Tuscany in Piazza dell'Anfiteatro that is an elliptical square built on a Roman ancient amphitheatre perimeter situated in the heart of the Lucca historical centre. Piazza dell'Anfiteatro has three medieval gates that you necessarily have to pass through if you want to get to the square, and looks like a perfect pitch for a three-sided football match.

direction F
333 as the number of days in which AAA Bologna plans to extend the AAA Five Year Plan in order to produce an "AAA Rave in Space" CD.

direction H
3.33 pm as the perfect time for a psychic attack against Nasa.

direction I
333 as the thousands of pounds AAA Bologna intends officially asking Mr. George Soros for as a financial backing for AAA's independent space exploration programmes.

direction S
333 as the number of days in which AAA Bologna plans to extend the AAA Five Year Plan. This extension will prolong the autonomous astronauts adventures until March the 21st 2001, date of the first Anti-Gravitational Spring Equinox.

direction T
333 as the number of minutes that every three-sided football match lasts for (or at least I think so, I'm not that sure about it...)

direction O
333 as the number that every group joining the 333 days extension to the Five Year Plan is invited to insert in between its name. For example, AAA Bologna will become AAA "333" Bologna.

direction R
33.3 as the angle in degrees at which a spaceship must enter earth's atmosphere to avoid burn-out.

direction I
3.33 am as another perfect time for a psychic attack against Nasa!

direction F
333 as the number of days AAA Utrecht is going to exist for...( to contact "Jungle" AAA Utrecht: jungleAAA@hotmail.com);

direction Y
333 as the number of e-z steps you have to go through (according to AAA Bologna) to build your own spaceship.

direction ! SELF-HISTORIFY!

1) Gerard Z is a freelance occultist from London, now a member of AAA Bologna.
Details of "333" activity can be found at: http://www.echodesign.net/mattia/333/