Less is More

The Third Way is beyond two antinomian paths but comes from both. Viewed from one or other of those paths it will appear to be less on that path as it's also somewhat on the other path. Hence the way that people say "less is more". Just cutting something off doesn't make it more - the reason "less is more" exists as a phrase is because its oxymoronic feel draws attention to precisely this strange phenomenon. It's because it's in a certain way that "less is more" that people get a little kick from using that phrase. It's synergistic, so reductionists will always say it isn't really there, because they're taking It to bits and only looking at one aspect of the process. You realise can't just superimpose the view from each path. You need binocular vision.

This relates to the communication problems mentioned in our Mille Plateaux diatribe. In physics and maths, the most efficient, powerful and beautiful equations are the most elegantly simple ones. There's no reason not to have beautiful functionality and efficiency. Extraneous noise can be extraneous information. To say something clearly there has to be a balance between endless exposition and endless silence. The information content of a communication will follow a statistical distribution curve, with silence at infinite -x and babble at infinite +x. Perfect communication will be where x = 0, where it intersects the y axis. It's between ignoring the irrelevant and overegging the pudding.
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