No, but really, what is the OOO?

To the extent that controversy sells newspapers, the OOO is uncontroversial.

To the extent that loss of belief can become its own belief system, the OOO is not a belief system.

To the extent that the search for meaning is a fox hunt, the OOO are saboteurs.

To the extent that existence is defined, the OOO does not exist.

To the extent that what can be thought can be said, the OOO is silence.

We like to draw the meaning blind.

We're here to logically atomise you.

We're biased, but then so would you be if you had our ideas.

We use psychedelic logic to bring about a direct perception of the neurotic nature of knowledge.

We're the object of objectivity.

The OOO may be elitist - but at least we're elitist in an accessible way.

The OOO has no followers, and no leaders. Shepherds need sheep, and we're unpasteurised.

We are all One, divided by Zero.

The Out of Order Order BM Indefinite London WC1N 3XX

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