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The main example of this is the way in which philosophies of of life seem to have no actual relation to their practictioners' attitudes. We can only assume then that they are ways of using words that signify psychological processes which are societally based, and as language gains its meaning publically, then in fact the way that verbal theorising is used contains no philosophical content and in fact is only some kind of direct showing of the psychological state of the person doing the verbalising. The real philosophical problem is not, as Camus said, whether to commit suicide. In fact it is whether the way you actually do your philosophising leads you to commit suicide or not.


People attack hippies for not "being realistic" about the way the world works. Leaving aside the objection that hippies are part of the world in the first place (much though some people might want to change that situation), there are various problems here.

The first one is the way in which the "realistic" people spend most of their time either reading books or listening to records or going to gigs of "realistic" culture. This means that for all that time they're not actually doing anything other than reading about or listening to music about, and in fact generally circling about actually just clearly dealing with the "realistic" problems of the world. A punk song might make you feel a bit angry but if no action results then it is pure mediation. Or even meditation, of a noisy sort. Of course action can and does result due to "educational" lyrics, but this happens with hippies too.

It's strange to note that a lot of "hippies", e.g. crusties and underground rave scene types, are in fact rather prominent when it comes to getting off ones arse and doing something, especially when it comes to environmental problems. Similarly, many people genuinely feel that it's too late and why bother anyway - but although this attitude is found a lot in Apocalypse Culture culture, it's found amongst "hippies" too.

It's also strange to note that people get more involved in life, for better or worse, selfishly or selflessly, when they feel better about themselves. Depending on the person one way in which they will feel better about themselves might be to go to a violent death-metal gig, another one might go to the Whirl-y-gig. The kinds of thing we should be tackling and really need to root out are ennui and other psychological states, such as depression, that are characterised by a profound loss of interest in the game of actually being alive.

Therefore there is no content. We are all un-content, and this keeps life interesting.

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