Everything you know is wrong

Yes, yes, you've probably heard that phrase before but we don't think you've really thought about it. It crops up just a bit too often these days, and like a heavily plugged pop song, you tend to switch off in irritation when it crops up again. But bear with us, please...

Whatever you think, about anything, there are millions of people out there who will utterly disagree, and will explain minutely to you how you are hopelessly wrong. They will use logic, intuition, persuasion and sheer braggadocio to put across their deeply felt need to show how right they are. In turn everybody disagrees with them, and with each other. And everybody's so comically sure, so confident and dismissive of ideas they disagree with. There's that little snort of contempt, that "We don't need to take that seriously" comment, that little confident push outside the circle of consciousness. But everybody is like that. Everybody. Stop and think of the overall picture that creates in your mind. All those certain, sure people, ready with all manner of arguments to conclusively disprove everybody else's argument. Even now somebody reading this is snorting dismissively about cultural relativism.... or how because this argument implies that everybody in some sense is thinking the same Thing then it contradicts itself....

WE'RE ALL GAME PLAYING. WE'RE ACTORS. WE'RE RESONANT EXPRESSION. WE'RE MUSIC. Human consciousness abhors extremes of white and black. Most people hate extreme evil or extreme good and condemn them.

Human consciousness is also like a bee. According to the laws, it shouldn't be able to fly, but it just goes ahead and does.

The OOO's writings are like a pinhead. Examined closely under a magnifying glass, it will appear completely blunt. Examined from afar it will be pinprick sharp. Our fuzzy logic will sink into your subconscious and there become crystal clear. Our writing is written from the viewpoint that there are good, persuasive arguments against any viewpoint ever, and it points beyond itself as it grows from within.

The earth is swamped with bounteous free quanta of light generated by the sun from the background blackness of space. Bathed in it, we play a game. We pump up electrons and fire them at a phosophorescent surface like a fly's eye in reverse. It glows and we watch the new quanta play back to us - images from our own vision. Except displaced in a marvellous fashion from their original source.

Sight feels like nothing, and exists nowhere - not even our own heads.

Consciousness is swamped with free information generated from the background blackness of unconsciousness. Bathed in it, we play a game. We pump up words and fire them back at a flat blank surface, like speech in reverse. We watch the black spaces play back to us - parts of the original Word. Except displaced in a puzzling fashion from their Original Mind.

Words feel like nothing, and exist nowhere - not even our own heads.
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