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I guess it's pretty obvious that there have been other things on my mind recently and this has lead to a severe hiatus in updating the site. Most of this has been down to the incredibly rewarding (and knackering) time spent looking after my daugher (and her mother, and indeed myself) since her birth.

Things will progress on a steady but slow basis. Hopefully this will mean more "big" projects (like the Mark Stewart piece) and less journalistic news-type coverage.

John Eden 23/5/02


"The First Taste of Hope is Fear"
. A Bluffer's Guide to Mark Stewart and the Maffia. A major work on the music, influences and politics of this incredibly influential geezer.

"The Irational in Politics" by Maurice Brinton. This text predates the one on Jonestown by the same author that was highlighted in the last news update. However it deals with similar areas - control, conformity and sexual repression.

There are no new Charts this time, though John has had his Irie AAA reggae outer space top ten put up as part of Russ D's excellent Boomshakalacka site.

We've given up on mp3s as well. There were two new ones up here for a while unannounced, but they took up too much room and it's enough getting the text stuff done.

Reviews will follow eventually - sorry if you've sent stuff in - it WILL happen, honest!


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The Equi Phallic Alliance have a web site at:

"They" are also connected in some way to the just launched (and highly recommended):

The Virtual Psychogeographic Association have launched their website cum occultural assault at:

The best place to start may be:



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As producers of You are Hear, a weekly live arts and music magazine programme broadcasting from May 6th 2002- 2003, between 5-7pm, Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse will cover the outer edges of the music and the arts scene playing an electic mix of music as well as giving a weekly update of cultural events.

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----------------------------------------------------------- ------ < space hijackers propaganda > --------- spacehijackers<"at sign"> Har Har Me Heartys, You are invited to voyage across the seven seas (Limehouse Basin) to a party on Hijackers Island! On Saturday 1st June at 2:00pm we shall set sail from the port by the lock and travel across the waters to Hijackers Island. Music will be provided by our pirate radio DJ's who will be conducting a live broadcast from the island. A BBQ/Picnic will ensue and much plank walking for those darsardly dogs who dare not to dance a merry jig for the rest of us, Har Har. Bring along, eyepatches, wooden legs, food, rum, and a sailing vessel if possible. To get to the port get the DLR to limehouse, get onto the main road, turn right and walk down until you see the lock on your right. ---------------------------------------------


We were saddened to hear that Frank Tovey aka Fad Gadget had passed away. He was one of the pioneers of the early 80s electronic scene, and had an edge that was missing from those he influenced, like Depeche Mode. It is tragic, tho perhaps typical that he left the building at a time where there is a massive resurgence in his work, for example with the "electroclash" fashion/resurgence.

There is a pretty good overview here:

and an obituary here:



Ex "Tape Delay" editor forgoes industial culture for the good things in life? - updated - new mp3 and videos. Good!





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