This interview appeared originally in issue 1 of Ov Magazine.

Well, sheeit. Justin done called me up: "Simon from Crash Worship is in the country for two days to see his parents - do you want to interview him?".

Well, YEAH. The only way we managed to bring together Justin and Simon's sketchy knowledge of London and my hectic schedule was to meet in a pub next to Highbury Tube Station. And the only tape recorder I could muster up was Paul 777's massive 4-track. So we mosied in there and asked the staff if it was ok and got stuck in over a few beers after they agreed. Some wise guy bar man thought it would be a good idea to turn up the volume on the juke box to ear-splitting levels for our benefit (which is why the interview was nearly interspersed with Seal and Phil Collins lyrics). However, even this didn't damage my scrupulously professional interview technique. The bar manager coming over and demanding we unplugged the tape deck DID, though. A brief conversation ensued - but this was unfruitful due to his small-minded attitude. It became clear that he was an unreasonable wanker. We drank up and left, never to return. Cheers!

Anyway - it's still bloody good.

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