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CIA would like to thank all those who have bared witness to history by attending the concert last night, and helped made it to a world class event. Vagina Dentata Organ and New Noveta have left us with a deep scar and a strong taste - and smell - in our mind and I cannot help but noticed all the stunned and confused faces on our gallery floor. This is how art should be - ever be.

We also want to thank all those who have helped us to make this into a successful event, when all the odds were against us in the face of economic adversities. You have helped us to show to the main stream arts current that there is an alternative, an idea that is not based on commerce and marketability, and the absurdity of using arts as a means for a popularity contest. C I A says come if you will, if you dare to be different, and if you want to see what is possible.

Before we say goodbye to Jordi Valls and New Noveta, we want to say how much we appreciate their visit to C I A and the great performance they have given us, and we sure looking forward to our future collaboration on new projects. Last but not least, we have collected enough footage from the show last night and with other new materials from the artists will allow us to present a limited deluxe edition DVD set brought to you soon exclusively by C I A with Ultramail production. Please keep watch at The Farm for more details coming to you soon.

To Vagina Dentata Organ and New Noveta, we salute you.

Culture Industries Association presents

Vagina Dentata Organ

The Assassination Of Music As You Know It

A unique performance by Jordi Valls, with Hong Kong based musicians and percussionists, mirrors, blood, sweats, visceral and sonic violence

8:00 pm on Sunday 21st July 2013, one night only

CIA is absolutely guilty to present you the long anticipated performance of Vagina Dentata Organ, following the recent great success of his extreme rituals in Arnolfini Bristol UK, NK Berlin, Pompidou Centre Paris.

Jordi Valls received World-wide recognition since his involvement with Throbbing Gristle in the late 70s when he organised TG's early concert in London, then went on to his collaboration with Psychic TV in Dreamless Sweet followed by an onscreen reconstruction of his fateful car accident directed by the late Derek Jarman; together with his notable long term collaboration with William Bennett of the infamous Whitehouse made Vagina Dentata Organ a force to be reckoned with in the arena of contemporary post industrial music scene, Vagina Dentata Organ's performances have never been an easy experience and Jordi Valls' ritual should never be considered as a form of entertainment. The action offers no compromise. Its expression is destruction with extreme prejudice, its instrument is anger and pure disgust, and its aim is to demystify pseudo art and its bullshit discourse. "We are fascinated by destruction for its own sake. VDO is the most fanatic band in the world."*

It is indeed after the total annihilation of such a corrupted system of value, be it political, financial, or artistic, that one can be allowed to rediscover the true intrinsic value of humanity. When Jordi Valls hammers his way out through the representation of reality, metaphysically and ontologically, we are one step closer: to the end, and of the biggest lie ever told... ourselves. The reflection in the mirror that we admire, examine, evaluate, praise, loath, curse, moan about tirelessly every day, at every other chance when opportunity occurs. Jordi Valls' prophetic and dynamic action is the final testimony of our mundane lives; his offering for a spiritual redemption, a pact with the darkness or perhaps even a truce with the light: the overwhelming sight, sound and smell of violence, the immediate decaying process of our inhibitions and self imposed moral constrains, results in a real time display of the theatre of death. It is both a murder and a self mutilation simultaneously taking place in The Assassination Of Music As You Know It.

*23 questions to Jordi Valls / Vagina Dentata Organ,

Due to the inevitable violence and offensive nature of this performance, CIA is advised to remind all participants and audience to sign an indemnity form of self certification that you are fit and have a sound mind for this unique event. We are not sorry for any injury caused, be it physically or psychologically as a result of Vagina Dentata Organs' performance.

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