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Review at Diane Pernet: Albert Serra Crashes and Smashes Into Centre Pompidou

Albert Serra's retrospective opens at the Centre Pompidou dedicates an evening in his own image festive and diverse. Images and music resounds around the personality of Albert Serra.

Projection Cuba Llibre (2013, 18 ', video), short novel by Albert Serra, Xavi Gratacos in the lead role and appearance of Lluis Carbo and Lluis Serrat.

Followed by a live performance by the artist Jordi Valls, acting under the name of Vagina Dentata Organ.

Followed by the presentation at the Forum -1, The Three Little Pigs, film monumental 101 hours, directed by Albert Serra in the Documenta in Kassel. Accompanied live by the group Molforts, composer of the music of the Three Little Pigs, who plays a recital tonight around songs Gunther Kaufmann, unforgettable German actor, including RW Fassbinder.

In the presence of Albert Serra, group Molforts and artist Jordi Valls / Vagina Dentata Organ.

Review in Le Monde 23 April 2013 by Isabelle Regnier:

Wednesday night, the walls trembled in the theater one of the Centre Pompidou. Albert Serra had inaugurated his retrospective with Cuba Libre, mesmerizing short film tribute to Fassbinder and his actor Gunther Kaufmann. The troupe performer Jordi Valls, known as Vagina Dentata Organ, took possession of the premises to carry out, at the request of the master of ceremony, a ritual of "purification" screen.

The first tableu - a young woman in a long dress playing classical violin air while two others diverted in a punk fashion Christological symbols - was swept away by a hurricane came backstage, an army of drummers whose roar rose up dive the room in a trance. Out of the back door, percussionists rolled down to the screen and ransacked the footsteps of previous performance, reducing a hedge shattered mirrors, throwing rolls of toilet paper in front of the public. The spirit of Fluxus in the air, enhanced by a dash of tribal manhood Catalan.