Articles on Occulture, Psychogeography, Magico-Marxism, and Meme Collision.

Some of these texts were originally intended for issue 8 of Turbulent Times, others were commissioned specifically for here.


Interview with Manchester Area Psychogeographic - John Eden

A Royal Society for the Protection of Robots - Rodney Brown

Alchemical Manchester: The John Dee Connection - M.A.P.

Amusements Serious and Comical - The London Spy

Notes Towards A Bioautography - Autotoxicity

Interview with Parasol Post zine - John Eden

Resisting Zombie Culture - Boris Karloff

(Mis)Adventures in Wicca - Paul Eden

Small Space Dynamics - Autotoxicity

Everybody is a Star - Neil Disconaut

Nedd Ludd and his wives - M.A.P.



The Turbulence Bluffer's Guide to Psychogeography

Why Psychogeography - London Psychogeographical Association

Formulary for a New Urbanism - Ivan Chtcheglov

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