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Festival Programme

Date: 30 November - 2 December 2012

Venue: Arnolfini, Bristol

Produced by: Sound and Music in partnership with Arnolfini, Tusk Music, Harbinger Sound, Second Layer Records and The Live Art Development Agency

A three-day series of performances, talks and more devoted to the legacy of the Swiss performance group Schimpfluch.

Founded in Zurich in 1987, Rudolf created Schimpfluch, a platform for extreme and outsider artists and the generation of highly disturbing and irritating audio/visual works. Gradually expanding to the Schimpfluch-Gruppe art-collective, and Joke Lanz have since channelled grotesque humour into an ongoing series of confrontational radio broadcasts, physically demanding performances, 'abreaction plays' and 'psycho-physical tests and trainings'.

Rejecting any given norm and genre, tearing down mental barriers, unlocking all gates to the nether regions of the human psyche, their celebrated work aims to unlock an awareness of existence and encourages the audience to 'get off the plane of miseducated adulthood'.

The Extreme Rituals carnival is a long-overdue retrospective and a celebration of Schimpfluch. Through an extensive programme will highlight the influence Schimpfluch has had since the late 80s, with audiences treated to a selection of performances, sound-installations, films, photographs and contextualising panel discussions. Alongside core Schimpfluch acts such as Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock, Sudden Infant, G*Park and Dave Phillips this carnival weekender features rare UK appearances by international guest artists such as Hijokaidan's Junko Hiroshige, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Phurpa and Vagina Dentata Organ.


Friday 30 November

11:00am - 4.30pm - Extreme Discussions

Panel discussions and talks exploring all things Schimpfluchian, including:

Ian McCormick: A Monster Observatory: Freaks, Monsters, The Grotesque and Carnivalesque in Literature, Media and The Arts

Gavin Butt: Industrial Sounds from The Post-Industrial North: Leeds Post-Punk Performance

Sound/Music/Noise in Performance Art: panel discussion featuring Ron Athey, Leif Elggren, Vicky Langan and Holly Ingleton, Chaired by Thomas John Bacon

Extreme History: The Story of The Schimpfluch-Gruppe: as told to Chris Sienko by Rudolf, Joke Lanz and M. Vanci Stirnemann

Confrontational and Trangressive Strategies Within Noise Music: Artist's Viewpoints - panel discussion featuring Joke Lanz, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Mike Dando and Dave Phillips, Chaired by Chris Sienko plus special guest performances from Junko Hiroshige, Doreen Kutzke, Ute Waldhausen and Vicky Langan

7.30pm onwards, performances from:


Daniel Lowenbruck and Leif Elggren

The New Blockaders and GX Jupitter-Larsen

Dave Phillips

Bryan Lewis Saunders

Rudolf and Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan)

Saturday 1 December

4.30pm - 6.30pm Extreme Yodelling vocal workshop and group performance led by Doreen Kutzke

6.30pm Extreme Yodelling performance

Extreme Yodelling is free to all Extreme Rituals ticketholders, capacity is limited so please inform the Arnolfini box office if you want to participate.

7.30pm onwards, performances by:

Trevor Wishart: Globalalia and Vocalise

Vicky Langan (Wolflinge)

Vagina Dentata Organ

Joachim Montessuis

Sudden Infant

Runzelstirn and Gurgelstøck

Sunday 2 December

2pm - 6pm, performances from:

Dave Phillips (field recording set)

Michael Barthel


Joke Lanz and Ute Waldhausen

Alice Kemp

Christian Weber

Rashad Becker

GX Jupitter-Larsen, Rudolf, Mike Dando, Joke Lanz present 'Wellenfeld - In Memory of Urs Schwaller'

Throughout the weekend:

Off stage performances by Alice Kemp

Intravenous, a installation by M. Vanci Stirnemann

Rarely seen Schimpfluch films

Schimpfluch photographic exhibition including work from Rudolf and Joke Lanz

Schimpfluch Psychic Rally radiophonic sound installation

Fully stocked Second Layer Records merch stall with many hard to find Schimpfluch and related releases