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John Eden - top 5 aggravating shite in books about pregnancy/fatherhood:

1. "Why does anyone start a family? Why did we do it? Baroness Thatcher was to blame, as in so many things. One of the great features of the 1980s was the apparent endlessness of money."

2. "...the first time you deal with a nappy full of impacted crap (a bit like a ten-week-old tapenade)..." a WHAT?!

3. "We had to get a nanny... we gave her a car."

4. "Women may not feel particularly glamorous during pregnancy."

5. "[The Father to be] may like to help out by doing some of the household chores like cooking or cleaning..."


Merrick's top ten Marc Bolans:

1. Marc Bolan
2. Marc Bolan
3. Marc Bolan
4. Marc Bolan
5. Marc Bolan
6. Marc Bolan
7. Marc Bolan
8. Marc Bolan
9. Marc Bolan
10. Marc Bolan


Feel free to email us with your top tens - (it doesn't have to be music, obviously, in fact it may be better if they aren't.)

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