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Greetings! Thanks for all the nice comments about the site. I can't promise that this level of activity will continue indefinitely, but I'm enjoying it while it does. If you have any comments about the format of the site, or have things you would like to contribute, then please get in touch. I have been tinkering with all the software a bit this month, so hopefully the format of the new pieces will be prettier and easier to read.


- John Eden


Neil Disconaut's Everybody is a Star piece joins the dots between disco, Aleister Crowley and Malcolm X.

Boris Karloff details Resisting Zombie Culture - a seminal text that was a major influence on the London-based Association of Autonomous Astronauts groups.

After our interview last month, we have excavated Manchester Area Psychogeographic's text on Alchemical Manchester - The John Dee Connection.

For beginners, we present the first part of our Bluffer's Guide to Psychogeography series. The text that kicked it all off Formulary for a New Urbanism by Ivan Chtcheglov.

We've also finally got around to sticking up a big old Temple ov Psychick Youth interview that John and James did for SMILE magazine waaay back in 1993. Respect to Dil 23 for html-ing above and beyond the call of duty for this one!

We are also proud to present an investigation by the Out of Order Order into Crosswords and Consciousness - a piece that asks fundamental questions about human perception and existence.

We've also added some scans to the catalogue - check it out and see what we have available for your coffee tables...

Our mp3 of the month isn't actually an mp3 at all - it's a Realaudio Stream of a completely mental phone prank that was played on John Eden a while back. The tape has just surfaced again, listen while you still can...

Oh and some of our ever popular Charts




Lockheed, the makers of last month's acclaimed mp3 have a new video for their track 'Origami' available to download or stream over the web, plus more links and some other great audio tracks on their site:




Things are continuing to hot up at with all manner of paranoia, supposed "solutions" and speculation abo the identities of the mysterious "Scribe" and "Watcher". There's been a rumour that our very own John Eden is behind it - he isn't (otherwise this site would look as good as theirs, surely?) and we don't know who is. All sorts of further confusion and/or enlightenment is promised soon, including a net-radio broadcast on the day of this update.




Those peculiar folks the Lumpem Illuminates have completely remixed their site into a tribute to UK Wrestler Kendo Nagasaki. It's actually not that much of a leap (just quite a painful one if you are underneath them while they launch themselves off the ropes...) - Kendo seems to have been a wrestler completely in tune with the 1970s - appearing masked in the manner of south american wrestling heroes and managing to combine camp with all the crushing of skulls. "Homo-erotic mysticism for the masses" indeed. It's a great story:




An protest took place outside London's Tate Gallery on the last day of their William Blake exhibtion. Poems were read out to a thrilled audience by suitably costumed protestors, a banner was stretched across the steps and the gallery rather tediously called the cops - who didn't do much. Leaflets were distributed highlighting the contradiction of an exhibition of Blake the revolutionary being sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline the multinational currently under fire for witholding life-saving medicines in AIDS-ravaged Africa.

Full details can be found at:




Many raised eyebrows when David Beckham appeared on chat show TFI Friday sporting the logo of legendary anarchist punks Crass. Apparently this was more to do with some kind of retro punk fashion revival than any political conviction, but we still look forward with eager anticipation to see if there has been any subliminal influence on Beckham's Spice Girl wife and her lyrics.

Meanwhile, people are still reeling from the revelation that Liz Hurley genuinely did used to be a Crass fan. The race is surely on for the first person to fake up evidence (or not?) that an obscure member of parliament used to be in a Crass-clone band.

In other news, a number of benefit events have been set up to aid the original members of Crass preventing their house from being sold from underneath them. Details at:



The Independent Art School will be active between 25th Feb and 1st March 2001. It looks like a robustly open access affair with promises of Talks, Workshops, Performances, Interventions, Experiments and Archives.

It will be at Dilston Grove (Former Clare College Mission Church), Southwark Park, London SE16.
Contact: Pippa on 01482 212478 or email for more information.

our contact at seems to be involved as well (and indeed is distributing some rather fine detourned cartoons along with flyers for the event).



Our mate Chris P has bunged his web site up. Some nice photos, cartoons and some writing which includes his contributions to the 'Mad Pride' and 'Gobbing Pogoing and Gratuitous Bad Language' Anthologies. The site also includes some potted biogs of musical projects Chris has been involved with, which include Silverfish and Headbutt. Check:



We have been enjoying Wolverine zine:

Some recent photos of Crowley's Abbey in Cefalu were recently posted by a member of the FOPI list:

The Stalkers of Anonymous Celebrity:


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