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Well if you're reading this, you've already seen my main bit of news. I have "fulfilled my biological destiny" (ahem) by helping my partner to get pregnant and we will become parents at some point in September - something we are both extraordinarily excited, scared and happy about.

This will almost certainly mean something of a redirection of my creative (and all other!) energies. So you can expect slightly less new stuff here and perhaps a change of context/content. People tend to blether on about their firstborns without any semblance of shame or consideration, so I don't think I should make myself an exception. ;-)

Thanks to all of our mates for their nice comments and general excitedness so far!


New on the site this month:

The second part of our Bluffer's Guide To Psychogeography features "Why Psychogeography" by the London Psychogeographical Association. Another good place to start if all this is a bit impenetrable to you.

We have unearthed an interview with the late great Autotoxicity zine which looks at the small press situationist zine scene, problems with anarchism, the difficulties behind trying to get into left communist theory and a look at class.

Manchester Area Psychogeographic get into Ned Ludd and his wives with a nod to office politics and a critical look a primitivism.

I've also managed to hassle my mate Cathy into coming up with a cool new graphic for the London Spy piece.



Reviews of all sorts of stuff…

Charts from me and a man like Merrick.

Our mp3 of the month is from Ras Al Ghul.

An anarchopunk wants list (can you help?)

and a dub wants list (ditto)





"Activists of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) today snatched the NASA Mars rover 'Sojourner' from its parking space on the Chryse Planitia.

See Mpeg file for proof!!!!

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts is opposed to the unilateral annexation of outer space by the United States and will continue to take all necessary actions to stop the Earth's intolerable political conditions being replicated anywhere else in the Universe. KEEP SPACE OUTER"


On a more overground front they are also organising a performance for the summer:

Gravitational Forces in cahoots with the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (Aotearoa) present Born in the A.S.U. A Space Odyssey @ The Meteor

Performance, Electronica & Installation Friday, June 1 - Saturday, June 2 Friday, June 8 - Saturday, June 9

Produced by Mark Servian.

Exploring the concept of 'Space'. Inner, Outer & All Around.

Small groups of punters are to be taken from a foyer dance party through a series of performances in different rooms of The Meteor, 1 Victoria St, Hamilton. Each performance will be ten minutes long and will be repeated or progressed six to eight times an evening as each sub-audience group come through. Party space hosted by DJ Sphinx Star (a.k.a. Paul Beere). Confirmed Room Directors - Mr. Snakes, Val Smith, Barry Bryant, Daniel Powell and Mark Servian.

Segment directorships are still available so please feel free to fill the remaining rooms.

Also Needed: Performers, Techs & Makers of all descriptions, Recorded sounds and images, Hands on the night etc. Make of this what you will!!!!

If interested contact Mark at mark('at sign') - 021 505 434 - 07 853 5332
Work starts in earnest May 1, 2001



Left communists the ICC (see the ATX interview) attempt to 'engage' with hip hop:

However they are arguably eclipsed in this respect by the postmod-massive at:



Seems to be quite a lot of net activity on the TOPY front at the moment:


Those vixens at the Stewart Home Society have added some exclusive mp3s to their site.

Tracks include "Digital Affray" by the Stewart Home Frog Marching Band and "Spook Fever" by Stewart Home with special guest appearances from Larry O'Hara, Michel Prigent, Paul Rogers and The Bread Doll Deviationists.



The UK's foot and mouth epidemic has had some unsuspecting knock on effects, including seriously inconveniencing techno-dub rockers Zion Train.

"The foot and mouth outbreak currently sweeping the UK and Europe has also had an impact on dubsters Zion Train. Based at a remote farm and studio in the Preseli Mountains in the far West of Wales they are, as you can imagine, surrounded by sheep and consequently have been affected by the recent cloven-hoofed shenanigans.

Work on the forthcoming Zion Train album has been interrupted by the MAFF (Ministry for agriculture, farming and fisheries) ban on people entering Welsh National parks. This ruling has forced the postponement of a recent recording session with vocalist Pat Fulgoni from Funky movers Kava Kava. Coming within a few yards of the studio would have incurred him a fine of �5000!

The outbreak has also forced the cancellation of an upcoming show in the Village hall, Trefeglwys, Mid Wales on 24/3/01 at the request of Powys county council due to the town being in the middle of a foot and mouth disease quarantine zone."



The International Necronautical Society (INS) will become the inaugural tenants of the Office of Anti-Matter at The Austrian Cultural Institute, 28 Rutland Gate, London, SW7 1PQ.

Thereafter the INS General Secretary will be interviewing two guests each day, and films will be screened each Friday and Saturday evening during the residency. All are welcome to the office during business hours, ten am to five pm. For full schedule details visit the INS website



Genesis P-Orridge is about to exhibit some of his visual artwork in London for the first time in what must be over a decade. The exhibition is called "Candy Factory" and the blurb goes like this

"Genesis P-Orridge, Eric Heist: Candy Factory An art exhibition of all new collaborative paintings, sculptures, installations, objects, photo-prints and multiples.

"From Polaroids of intimate carnal acts, the artists create a variety of art objects which present desire as the impulse for interaction set against the framework of institutional structures. "Candy Factory" refers to both Candy Darling and "the Factory", Warhol being an important figure in generating ideas for the project, particularly his ability to bring the contemporary world and a critique of commerce into artmaking, as well as his interest in androgyny to deconstruct desire.

"Desire as addiction..."

Exhibition open: 7th April to 6th May 2001, Thursdays to Sundays, 2 to 7 pm at the Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, London E2 (Old Street Tube, Exit 2).

Opening party in the presence of the artists: Friday 6th April, 7 to 10 pm

More info from: Pierre at the Centre of Attention : or check the website:




Congrats to Stewart and Carolyn!

Zali's site has moved to: after he did something unspecified but naughty at Tripod. - for all your occultural needs

Active Distribution have a blimmin big email list of everything anarchist and punk, a lot of which is cheaper than you'll see anywhere else, even after postage. They also do an interest email digest culled from stuff they get sent. Ask for both!

jon('at sign')

Instagon have a new CD out entitled 'LIVE AT SIN-A-MATIC'. It's 10 bucks in the US from instagon('at sign')




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