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Ewen Chardronnet (AAA)

(music, movies & readings) :

"Industrial Society" by Theodore Kacszinsky
"World of the Non-A" novel by Van Vogt
"Wreckers of Civilisation" - Simon Ford
"Lords of Chaos", book about black metal in Norway
Slepcy on Ambush and Kool Pop rec.
"Orgie en Noir", X movie by Ovidie
"Cherudek", novel by Valerio Evangelisti
"Imaginary Time" ep by Nocturnal Emissions
Xavier Inizan, short stories and poetry
"Sal et la magicienne", a guyana movie by Jean-Louis Costes.




Feel free to email us with your top tens - (it doesn't have to be music, obviously, in fact it may be better if they aren't.)

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