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Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions)


White Wedding - Billy Idol

We're Gonna Get Married - Bo Diddley

Hawaiian Wedding Song - Elvis Presley

Here Comes the Bride - Prince Buster

The Wedding March - Queen


John Eden

TOP TAPES (in chronological order)

One of the unexpected bonuses of moving house is that you rediscover all sorts of things you forgot you had. My boxes (and boxes) of tapes hadn't been dusted off for a while, so it was great to give them an airing. Swapping tapes is something I used to do a lot of when I had heaps more time and was even more obsessive about music than I am now. As with reading zines, a tape done for you by a mate was another doorway into whole other worlds.

1. Psychic TV - Peter. The whole Dreams Less Sweet headphones under the blankets experience. I was never the same again. (1986)

2. Lee Perry - Wal. Also some early acid house stuff. We were both in some kind of weird punk/electronica cross over at the time. Maybe we still are, though I have no idea where he is right now. (1988).

3. Industrial/Electronic/Apocalyptic - Justin. Probably about a hundred tapes between 1988 and 1991-ish. Literally - it was about 3 a week for a while I and couldn't keep up.

4. Groovy Tape - Paul. An immense dense intense mixdown done on a 4-track and featuring all sorts of contemporary stuff like Public Enemy, Renegade Soundwave, Tricky Disco and the Happy Mondays. Other stuff thrown in the mix includes Led Zeppelin, news clips ("one man smoking an enormous joint") and the master musicians of jojouka. (1990?)

5. Random Radio stuff - Mykeul. I don't actually know if he did this for me or if it was just a chuck out that I kept, but it has some top hardcore breakbeat stuff, My Bloody Valentine, and some nice indie atmospherica. Plus the odd syllable of John Peel. (1991?)

6. Dub not Dub - Gyrus. Whole heapa classics like 'Smokebelch', some bassy Sinead O'Connor, William Orbit etc with some added weirdness provided by Allen Ginsburg. Unfortunately overuse has not treated this with much care. (1996?)

7. Crucifixion Ska - Ray. Ray came to one of my parties (around Easter, in fact) and heard my playing some skinhead ska CD and thought I could do with some more. He was right. He also did a great punk tape I will have to dig out. (1996?)

8. Semtex - Mahalia. One side of Third Eye Foundation, one side of everything from Nusrat Ali Khan to 'Pump Up The Volume', Brion Gysin to Gallon Drunk. (1998?)

9. Space Funk - Danny. The foundations of a lot of the dubby AAA stuff came from this - 'B.I.B.L.E.' by Killah Priest, 'Space Flight' by I Roy, Parliament, Kool Keith, Pharaoh Sanders - it's all going off. (1999)

10. Soul Jazz - Giles. This is actually a CDR, sorry to disappoint the purists out there. All sorts of influenctial stuff that often gets namechecked but was always a mystery to me: 'Expansions', Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra, 'Watermelon Man'(2000)

11. The Sound of Legs Breaking in Dancehalls Across The World - War Arrow. Wicked hip hop and r&b selection - the sound of summer Saturdays. (2001)

12. Idle Talk Saves Lives - Matt. Ambience, northern soul and reggae excursions. The sound of summer Sundays. (2001)



Feel free to email us with your top tens - (it doesn't have to be music, obviously, in fact it may be better if they aren't.)


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