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Thanks for all your comments on the site and these new pages - I will bear it all in mind. A lot of people seem to like the mp3 of the month idea, but were slightly bemused by the glorious lo-fi nature of last month's choice. Typical perversity on our part, really. This month's is in stark shimmering-technological contrast. Do let us know if you have any suggestions for future editions.

Not many changes on the site to speak of this month (apart from these luxurious monthly updates, of course!). But an interview with pagan-dance producers Mother Destruction is now up for your delectation. This originally appeared with a different introduction in Esoterra magazine and is well worth a look if you're interested in occulture but have no time for the tedious black-clad Nietzschean bollocks that seems to go hand in hand with a lot of it these days.

There's also a rather good interview with David Tibet of Current 93 done by the Out of Order Order. Many thanks to DIL23 for his hard work and attention to detail in HTML-ising it for us.

Plus a few reviews, though not as many as there should be. Next time, next time.

We are attempting to chug through our backlog of stuff to go up on the site, and working on new stuff, so keep coming back.



In late December 1999, ODC1 & Who Killed John Galt? set off across the United States of America. Heading down Route 23 they undertook a KLF-inspired derive that took in grafitti, freemasons and general ambience.

Check out their record of the trip at:



Eroding Empire continues the fine, and ancient tradition of DIY listings sheets for London. Lots of stuff on actions, demos, gigs (mostly punk stuff) and some good commentary. Send stamps to Eroding Empire, 56A Infoshop, 56A Crampton Street, London SE17 5AE. Or give 'em a bell if you want a mention: 020 8766 8813.



We are crap because we failed to mention, or even visit the new project by Jakob Jakobsen at SaliGia. Which means we missed out on some of the delicious beer he became famous for brewing at the Info Centre in Hackney (which hosted the Space 1999 exhibition and many others). However, all is not lost because there is an archive at which includes texts by Jakob and by people not entirely disconnected to projects like Break/Flow and Autotoxicity.



SaliGia seems to be based in a council flat in Clapham. Their forthcoming and last show is called "Invasive Properties" is by Kudos and runs from September 3rd to October 8.

Check it out:
43 Plummer Road · London SW4 8HH · UK
020 8671 7147 ·
Opening hours: Sat-Sun, 2-6 pm and by appointment


It's SALE time at the Last Chance Saloon! Arguably one of the best places in London for Weird Stuff that YOU like, this is a pretty good chance to head down there and grab armfuls of stuff by people like Mark Pawson, obscure swamp rockers, Luther Blissett, Mad Pride and a whole host of people I'd certainly never come across before. Plus a good range of exhibitions (Coop, Pawson, etc). All this and friendly staff that are obviously doing it for the love of it (because what FOOL would open a shop selling stuff like THIS to get rich?)

Last Chance Saloon, 88 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London SE1 - open Monday to Friday 11-6pm (includes map, mission statement and mail order details).



Ramsey Dukes should need no introduction... but here we go just to be on the safe side. Ramsey is the author of classic books like "Thundersqueak", "Words Made Flesh", "SSOTBME" and "Blast Your Way To Megabucks" - all books that deal with the realms of the occult, consciousness, and reality in ways that DON'T sound like utter arse and DO do strange things your head (in a good way, usually). He has been described as "like an English and un-crap Robert Anton Wilson". His books are ace, and you can now buy them dirt cheap (Three Quid! For a Book!) as PDF e-books from or from

Ramsey's Publisher, The Mouse That Spins has also just announced two new titles:

THE GOOD THE BAD THE FUNNY By Adamai Philotunus (Alchemical incarnation of Ramsey Dukes)
"Presents a radical new solution to the problem of polarised, dualistic thinking. Instead of retreating back to unity, let's go boldly forward into the trinity! What would happen if we thought in threes as naturally as we think in twos? If, in place of a God/Devil (Good/Bad) duality we were brought up with a God/Devil/Trickster (Good/Bad/Funny) trinity?" 285 pages with five chymical plates by Louise Hodson plus over 60 explanatory diagrams in text. (and yes we have told him about the AAA's ideas concerning triolectics and 3-sided football).

THE SATANIST'S DIARY By the Hon. Hugo C StJ l'Estrange
"This is the full unexpurgated text of the original Ultimate Evil satirical column that ran from the late 70s to early 80s in Aquarian Arrow - with extracts appearing in the Bahlasti papers. Occultism has never been so dangerous! Experience all the thrills of eternal damnation for the trifling sum of



We got sent this. We thought you might like it:

"Lux suburbem congratulate the Foster/Ove Arup/Caro partnership for their defence of the minimalist integrity of the Millenium Bridge, London.

We regret that our temporal and spatial dislocation does not permit a more significant intervention to combat media cynicism surrounding the need for technical adjustments to the structure of the bridge.

The following statement of support has been composed between the years 1991-2000 with the aid of telekinetic transmission/psychic mediation:

I palpitate, line/force
Zelda taut joy response
Sun spurt thirst mortal trans

Step, fly"



Our mate Matt is the man behind The Quiet Club, which takes place every Sunday at Belgos in Bristol. He is also calmly getting on with a compilation entitled "Home Taping Is Chilling Music" which will be released on Quiet Records. He is after submissions and suggestions for the compilation and people in need of a chill to come down to the club.

Glide ye along, in no particular hurry, to: or have a quiet word or two with the man himself:



You couldn't make it up - and probably quite rightly wouldn't want to. Nigel Ayers, the guiding light behind both the influential electronica unit Nocturnal Emissions and peerless psychogeographical/forteana/weirdshit publication Network News has blagged an interview with ex-Teletubby, stand up comedian, and bloke who got busted on suspicion of wanting to commit Regicide (look it up), Dave Thompson.



The Droplift Project released their copyright-violating debut CD on the 28th of July. "The album is a protest against the copyright restrictions on sampling, along with the music industry in general. Through the prank of dropping our independently produced disc of "infringing material" directly into the bins of record stores across the planet, we hope to raise awareness of fair use issues in music, along with exposing some unsuspecting people to the wonderful world of audio collage and the art of the sample." A nice evangelical anti-copyright tone, for sure. Droplift bills itself as a collaborative project, so get in touch if you want to contribute. Their site also has lots of useful links about anti-copyright issues.

More info and free dowloads at:


In stark contrast has been updated with a vaguely bothersome psychick cross copyright notice. The site also features a frankly disturbing array of domain names ( etc ad infinitum) and a very cool animated collage along with interviews and suchlike.



"They claim that DNA is the code of life
Our essence expressed as glossolalia
There's four letters that code for this farce, for sure,
Not CGAT but DADA."

DNA DADA: the latest electrical discharge from SparkChamber:
a blank verse broadside against genetic triumphalism,
drawing on Proudhon, Borges and Homer Simpson.

Find it and other good stuff at:



Sorry, I've been gasping to use that one for ages. The Wu-Ming Foundation is a post-LutherBlissettProject project. They have published a number of novels and texts in Italian and are also producing a English-language newsletter entitled "/Giap/digest/", the first issue of which is promised for late September.

In the meanwhile, you can download a copy of the Introduction to Enemies of the State: Criminals, "monsters" and Special Legislation in the Society of Control (Appended with a brief synopsis of the whole book's content). (NB: It's a zipped Rich Text File file, which probably reads fine in Word but not in my crap-as-a-bastard version of AppleWorks.)




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