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September has always been my favourite month. Dunno why, it's probably something to do with the weather and so on. I didn't really get a winter last year, so the change of the season has been pretty intense. My creativity has plummeted too, with work and social stuff taking over as they should. Having said that there is a bit of new stuff up for your delectation. Firstly a dub section has been added and will hopefully expand in the future. For now it has some essential links and an interview with the Director of the film 'Babylon'. I've also unearthed an interview with Andrew Weatherall. Now the last thing the world needs is another DJ interview, but I've included this because it talks about the interesting stuff (like his influences, pre-techno electronica, etc) and avoids banging on about showbizz chums, flash cars and the like.

The Luther Blissett historification and media recuperation continues apace. The Wire did an OK two pager, and the new issue of The Face features an article on Hoaxes with a large LB content and also some contributions from people like Parasol Post and the like. (Keep it under your hat, but the text of the Face issue is up here to save you the bother of paying for an issue and the embarassment of being caught with one. How public spirited of us!)

Our mp3 of the month is by UNIT this time and continues our traditional attempt to put completely obscure stuff up there because we bloody well feel like it. Click the link for details.

And the usual Reviews.



The following text appears in the latest issue of Datacide. I urge you to read it and do what you can.

"What's the deal? - Mainline FM, a pirate radio station in Sheffield was busted by the DTI in December 1998. After a very lengthy trial a successful prosecution was brought against two of its users who were implicated in the bust. The result is heavy fines, fees and costs to pay.

Well, doesn't it serve them right - I mean, pirate radio is illegal? - That's certainly true, but for what reason? What's the actual balance of forces? Of course, we hear about illegal broadcasts interfering with the emergency frequencies or with overflying aeroplanes, but the bulk of pirate stations are busted because they interfere with the process and profits of commercial stations. They are accused of poaching their listeners or muddying the pool of profit through advertising. Mainline FM never ever sought competitive recognition in the pathetic marketplace of commercial radio, nor did it seek commerical gain, in fact it had a policy of zero advertisement aside from mentioning the odd free party, music event or Reclaim The Streets type carnival. No, its closure was prompted by complaints from another local commercial station - just like the previous pirate station in Sheffield was investigated because it was allegedly interfering with Meadowhall FM, a radio station set up entirely for the 'benefit' of those entombed in a giant shopping mall (now there's a subversive opportunity...). What Mainline did was cater for excluded musics to give its handful of listeners shock, surprise and adventure. Not something you get with commercial radio and its dedicated playlists and double glazing advertisements.

So how come the case took 18 months to resolve itself? - Because the raid wasn't as clear cut as things normally go, and it was suggested by the defence solicitors that the situation was quite feasibly winnable from a plea of not guilty. This began a long spiral of intense courtroom arguments, and all the time the costs were piling up. So much for professional advice.

So the costs are quite high? - One person has fines of £2950 whilst the other has fines of £850 with legal costs of £2350. Of course the seizure of all the audio equipment on the premises on the night is taken for granted.

How can I help? - Basicaly we're raising and collecting money - so if you can donate or organise a benefit to raise money then brilliant. If you can't but know someone who might be able to help then please pass this message on. Everything helps.

Who do we contact? - One of the prosecuted is the editor of the electronic music magazines 'Autotoxicity' and 'CTRL-ALT-DELETE'. Like most of the passionate small press hobbies, you probably haven't heard of them, but the zines functioned as a space to discuss non-standard music in non-standard ways, to talk about psychogeography and chance photography. While we're on the subject, it is worth mentioning that the long term continuation of these projects depends on successfully raising most of this money. These magazines carry no commercial budget - it's just digital noises transcribed into literary noises. I can be reached by email at the following address:

and I'll even send you copies of the zines if you're really interested."




A global day of protest has been organised by Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Outer Space for October 7th. There is supposed to be a London action, organised by CND, but there doesn't seem to be any information about it as yet. Whilst the AAA was obviously opposed to the militarisation of space (and indeed London AAA groups organised a protest against Lockheed Martin as part of the J18 protests last year), it should be pointed out that most of the network were reluctant to be seen as allied to the 'peace movement'. Not that we disagree with their intentions, but that it is all too easy to get sidelined into asking governments for reform so that business can continue as normal. Capitalist 'peace' is just the other side of the coin to capitalist 'war' - it's simply replacing the threat of die-ing quickly by the bomb, bullet, or bio-weapon with the threat of die-ing slowly of starvation, disease, police brutality or boredom. If anything happens on the day some ex- and current autonomous astronauts may show up to raise these issues.

"Only the unification of all the military traditions of the world into a single space exploration programme can guarantee world peace. There is no choice between war and peace, only between the continuation of imperialist competition for mass human destruction and the flowering of a new human Renaissance reaching out across space. Instead of being here, we shall be somewhere there..."
exceprt from "Swords into Spaceships" by East London AAA, from the 1st Annual Report



The 19th Annual Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday the 14th of October from 10am - 6pm at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1. I will hopefully manage to avoid being on a stall this year after being stuck in an overcrowded corridor last time. The usual suspects will be there and there are a number of meetings that may be of interest (Reflections on Mayday, setting up a London social centre, Stewart Home Society, etc).

The bookfair is free, and there is also a social in the evening with comedians Rob Newman and Rob Johnson (£5/£3.50)

Check the web site for more details:



We've been sent Volume 6.9 of a one-sheeter called "Organic Sex - the journal of natural bondage". It seems to be something akin to a cross between the Earth First! journal and Skin Two, in that it demands that people submit to the goddess amidst much gold paint and a picture of a stern woman with a strap-on and thigh boots:

"In the eroticism of everyday life, in the fetishising of power relations, lies a future in which hate and cruelty are understood as self-inflicted pleasures. Rational Man lies in moist anal expectation awaiting his ecstatic penetration by a female Nature who has acquired a cultural penis. Can you feel it deep inside you? With each revolutionary thrust the groans of pleasure are a sign that the evolutionary convulsions have begun."

Right you are! No contact address given, I'm afraid.



There's a new issue of Inventory out. "To subscribe to Inventory, prices are as follows:
Individuals, £15.00 for three consecutive issues/Institutions £25.00 for the same.

Back issues:
Individuals, £5.00 per copy/Institutions, £8.00 per copy.

A contents list for back issues can be found at:

Cheques should be made out to Inventory and sent to: Inventory, Flat B, 4 Priolo Rd, London SE7 7PT

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