Shake The Foundations
Shake The Foundations
Shake The Foundations


Born to Chat: The Asher Senator story
- John Eden tells the tale of this seminal London MC

The Papa Levi Story - John Eden looks back at the vinyl releases of Saxon's "squadron leader".

Why you are WRONG about Maxi Priest - a reappraisal by John Eden

London Acid City: When the Two 8s Clash - John Eden on the impact of acid house on the london dancehall scene

Charlie "Eskimo" Fox - the stalwart On-U Sound and Creation Rebel drummer talks to Greg Whitfield in this extensive interview

Diseases: Sexual Health and Dancehall - John Eden pulls on the latex

Interview with THE BUG - John Eden speaks to KEVIN MARTIN about "Pressure", dancehall, dub, experimental music and the points in between

Interview with ADRIAN SHERWOOD
- Greg Whitfield gets the low-down on the history of the legendary On-U Sound

ABA-SHANTI interview - Greg Whitfield talks to the legendary London soundsystem

The First Taste of Hope is Fear - an overview of the work of MARK STEWART AND THE MAFFIA by John Eden

NME Soundsystem Splashdown article from 1981 - featuring FATMAN HI-FI, SIR COXSONE OUTERNATIONAL and JAH SHAKA. Plus some great photos and comment.

Interview with Franco Rosso, director of the film BABYLON (plus details of the soundtrack, comments from Jah Shaka and Yabby You on the film and much more)

Interview with Russ D of THE DISCIPLES - by John Eden

Macro Dub Infection - Scientist Meets the Ghost Captain by KEVIN MARTIN. Future Dub: Sleevenotes from the classic compilation.

LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY interview - a classic from the NME circa 1984. A surprisingly lucid look at the Black Ark, Bob Marley and Blackwell...

AUGUSTUS PABLO interview - the "reluctant supa" talks to the NME in 1986.

Tales of Pablo - Ian McCann meets Rockers uptown for Black Echoes in 1988.

Dub, The Vinyl Frontier - Bill Dew muses on soundsystem culture.

Shaka can - Jah Shaka in conversation with Penny Reel in 1987 for Black Echoes.

Operator Operator - Ian McCann hears it from Jah Tubbys MCs in 1987 for Black Echoes.

DUB: New Musick - Vivien Goldman and Dennis Bovell in Sounds 1977.



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