Everybody Is A Star !

Newsletter of Disconaut AAA
(Association of Autonomous Astronauts)


The Association of Autonomous Astronauts is a non-hierarchical network of local, community-based space exploration programmes. Disconaut AAA was set up to explore the potential of dance cultures for autonomous space exploration. Everybody is a Star!, is named after a 1979 track by Sylvester (1946-1988), also responsible for such otherworld explorations as "Dance Disco Heat", "Do you wanna funk" and "You make me feel mighty real".

In Brief :

Spice in Space

"When you go and see a careers officer," ponders Mel C, "and you sit down and say, 'I want to be a spaceman', instead of responding 'Go study astrophysics', they go 'Yeah, but what do really want to do?' That is so wrong" (Spice Girls, Guardian, May 1997)

Publications of note

Ego magazine (80a St Augustines Road, London NW1 9RP, England UK) includes an article Space is the Place which considers funky futurism in the work of Herbie Hancock, Juan Atkins, the Jedi Knights and many others.

Rickey Vincent's excellent history Funk: the music, the people and the rhythm of the one (New York 1996) devotes a whole section to George Clinton and "The metaphysics of P: the Mothership Connection".




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