Stay Up Forever

In 'Voyage to the Moon' (1649) Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac described an attempt to reach the Moon by tying bottles of dew to the body. The idea was that when the Sun came out, the dew would rise, taking the body with it. On the face of it, this looks unlikely but the nocturnal nature of the Dionysus Programme should make it comparatively easy to test.

We will need:
After a night of dancing, participants will roll in the long grass, covering their bodies in a fine suit of dew. They will then join hands and dance in a circle as the sun rises, waiting to take off.

Stonehenge on June 21st has been chosen as an ideal location. Unfortunately there are indications that the state will attempt to sabotage the Dionysus Programme by seeking to prevent the experiment, so all potential astronauts are warned to be ready to defend themselves.
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