anarcho-punk links


Crass page at Southern - lots of info and graphics.


Chumbawamba - lots to read here. Worth checking out the FAQ to see their current thoughts on EMI and the DIY ethic of the 80s.

The only Flux of Pink Indians interview on the web? From rather early on. Also Crass and Zounds features here, as well as a load of other 80s music stuff from the UK Press.

Zounds - nice tribute site with biography etc.

The Apostles - myspace covering the band pre-1985.

The Mob - official myspace.

Blaggers ITA - arguably neither anarcho nor punk, but you know what I mean. Possibly all the better for it, too.

Zines and articles

Who Makes The Nazis? - Keeping an eye on the neo-fascists burrowing their way into a subculture near you. See especially From Anarcho Punk to Fascism and Admit You're Shit.

Kill Your Pet Puppy - archive and extras from this classic punk fanzine.

Greengalloway Existence - brilliant blog by Alistair Livingstone which includes many musing on anarcho punk, occulture, squatting in the 80s etc.

Profane Existence - includes on-line archive of some issues of this now defunct (?) magazine.

Beasts of Burden - a look at the animal liberation movement from a communist perspective, including a very good postscript on anarcho-punk and animal liberation.

"I'll Make No Subscription to Your Paradise": Getting Critical About Crass - a useful article by Gavin Burrows.

Kill or Chill? Analysis of the Opposition to the Criminal Justice Bill - from Aufheben. Part 1(i) includes analysis of anarcho-punk as part of the lifestylist resistance to and context of the CJB. Also, ravers, travellers, etc.

Article from 1989 by the fleetingly active Anarchist Workers Group on Anarchism in the Thatcher Years, including section on lifestylism and punk. Rather workerist, obviously!

Last of the Hippies - by Penny Rimbaud of Crass

Interview with Colin Jerwood - Conflict's head honcho grilled by Crisis Point Zine after the Brixton Acadmey gig.

We Mean It Man: Punk Rock and Anti-Racism - by Stewart Home

Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory & Punk Rock by Stewart Home - Stewart's book available in its entirety online. blog punk - more recent writing on punk by me

Active Distribution - your one stop shop for all things anarcho and punk