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White Punks On Bordiga - essential reading. Tries to map out the limits of the scene.

Punk and Autonomia - the 1977 lines between punk in the UK and Autonomia in Italy.

Veg Wedge - New Musical Express article by Steven Wells written in the wake of the Conflict Brixton Academy gig/riot.

The Gathering of the 5000 - Conflict statement on the Brixton Academy gig.

Apostles Interview - from Homocore magazine.

Autonomy Centres, Riots and the Big Rammy - by Andy Martin.

Nostalgia in the U.K. - by the Bash Street Kids. Examines the effects of nostalgia for the 80s on the current anarchist scene.

A rather good Crass interview - from Mucilage zine.

Crass from a Trendy Christian Perspective (no, really) - by Tony Jasper.

Taking Revolution to the People - not exactly critical, more of an overview. Oh well!.

Country House Anarchy - The Crass house under threat. From The Guardian 5th January 2001.

Blaggers ITA interviews

Punk, anarchopunk and goth - More recent writing over at the uncarved blog



Beyond the Implode + Uncarved.org anarchopunk podcast


Punk Comics: A Series

Part 0: Situationist International

Part 1: Jamie Reid and the Sex Pistols

Part 2: The Apostles

Part 3: Crucial Youth and the straight edge movement

Part 4: Sham 69 and The Blaggers ITA


Oi! and Skinhead

Pseudo Skins! A look at authenticity and fakery in Oi, including a n in depth look at the Weetabix skinheads.

The Strange Case of Nicola Vincenzio Crane Overview of notorious gay nazi skinhead.


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