politricks and
other black magick

I guess at some point there will be a neat blurb here explaining my incredible understanding of world history, current affairs, and how to get out of this mess we call capitalism. Probably with a quote by some long dead european which is both poignant and prophetic. Then again...

Like a lot of people I have come to some conclusions, but there's no way I have all the answers. The texts and links here should be seen as signposts to show the route I have taken so far.

It should go without saying that I consider a lot of the other texts on this site to be just as political as these ones.

Local Politics... for local people

Pirates, Politics, Parochialism - a blog entry on some of my current ideas. I think it's important to remember that sometimes your own back yard is more important than the "big picture".

Hackney Independent - my local troublemakers.

Hackney Solidarity Network - a network aiming to "encourage closer links and provide a space for contact between community activists in Hackney".


People/Ideas/Things we think you should check out here:

A critical look at anarcho-punk - A new section examining the beliefs, music and pitfalls of groups like Crass and the anarchopunk movement which followed.

Suicide for Socialism? - Analysis of the Jonestown Massacre by Maurice Brinton of Solidarity.

The Irrational in Politics - Maurice Brinton on sexual repression and revolutionary politics.

Ronald McDonald's worst nightmare - Article originally comissioned for the 4th issue of Rapid Eye.

Resisting Zombie Culture - Boris Karloff on Psychogeography, Collective Phantoms, Media Invasions and Funk Memes.

Politics on the uncarved.org blog.



Practical History...being a miscellany of antiquarian documents intended to be of some use to levellers, ranters, road diggers, ne'erdowells and others who would turn the world upside down

Antagonism - Some interesting texts here, and links to other people with their heads screwed on.

Black Star Review - lots of good, incisive reviews of all sorts of things - music, books, magazines, etc. Another of the few proper web zines.

Magico-Marxism and Psychic Warfare

The Conspiracy of Good Taste - online version of the excellent book by Stefan Szczelkun. Deals with issues such as the middle class curation of working class culture.

The Situationist International

Get Your War On - Excellent, astute cartoons with lots and lots of swearing in them. Highly recommended!

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