politricks and
other black magick

I guess at some point there will be a neat blurb here explaining my incredible understanding of world history, current affairs, and how to get out of this mess we call capitalism. Probably with a quote by some long dead european which is both poignant and prophetic. Then again...

Like a lot of people I have come to some conclusions, but there's no way I have all the answers. The texts and links here should be seen as signposts to show the route I have taken so far.

It should go without saying that I consider a lot of the other texts on this site to be just as political as these ones.

Local Politics... for local people

Pirates, Politics, Parochialism - a blog entry on some of my current ideas. I think it's important to remember that sometimes your own back yard is more important than the "big picture".

Hackney Independent - my local troublemakers.

Radical history of Hackney - documenting struggles and strugglers in north east London


People/Ideas/Things I think you should check out here:

A critical look at anarcho-punk - A new section examining the beliefs, music and pitfalls of groups like Crass and the anarchopunk movement which followed.

Suicide for Socialism? - Analysis of the Jonestown Massacre by Maurice Brinton of Solidarity.

The Irrational in Politics - Maurice Brinton on sexual repression and revolutionary politics.

Ronald McDonald's worst nightmare - Article originally comissioned for the 4th issue of Rapid Eye.

Resisting Zombie Culture - Boris Karloff on Psychogeography, Collective Phantoms, Media Invasions and Funk Memes.

Articles on Occulture, Psychogeography, Magico-Marxism, and Meme Collision

Politics on the uncarved.org blog



Practical History...being a miscellany of antiquarian documents intended to be of some use to levellers, ranters, road diggers, ne'erdowells and others who would turn the world upside down

Antagonism - Some interesting texts here, and links to other people with their heads screwed on.

Prole.info - beautiful comics that help explain the mess we are in

Magico-Marxism and Psychic Warfare

The Conspiracy of Good Taste - online version of the excellent book by Stefan Szczelkun. Deals with issues such as the middle class curation of working class culture

The Situationist International

Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey - Helped me to read and enjoy that big book I had been putting off for years

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